…a man’s enemies are the men of his own house. Micah 7:6

…a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. Mathew 10:36

Hello friends, according to the above scriptures, it is instructive to know that every problem has a source and the origin. The origin of a man’s problem can only be traced to his family. This is true because we have read in the bible how Abel was killed by his brother (Cain), how Jacob and his mother conspired and robbed Esau of his blessing. How Reuben, Simeon and others conspired and sold Joseph and how Absalom wanted (David) his father death by all means.

Though I am not ignorant of the fact that there are other enemies everywhere but let it be known to you that the worst enemies in life are the enemies within, and until you Rise up to stop them, you may end up in perpetual suffering. I know you have suffered many things in life because of the enemy within and these have caused you to ask: where is God? Does He care about me? Can I make it in life? This is why you need to attend this conference because I have a strong believe that, this conference will cause you to experience the unchangeable God of signs and wonders for yourself.

It was at this point, while I was in the closet with God that He said unto me, son! Arise, for I have seen the affliction and the suffering of my children, let them come before me with a SAND OF THEIR ORIGIN for I will contend against those that contended against them, deliver them and wipe their tears. With this divine instruction, I am specially inviting you and your family to join me in this FAMILY LIBERATION SERVICE, and have a prophetic encounter with your maker for a lasting testimony 

restoration1Just before I conclude: let me pray with you. Henceforth, I declare by the mandate of Heaven upon my life as a prophet that every problem traced to your origin and every other problem that is associating with your life, must be terminated in the name of Jesus Christ. Those that involve in the battle of your life must confess and fight themselves. I declare and command, every man and women within your family circle and every other enemy that is responsible for your problems to embark on a journey of NO return in the name of Jesus Christ, the lives of your conspirators shall be a Ransom for you. Their charms will work against them, they will make a mistake and die a sudden dead in the name of Jesus Christ. God must open a new chapter in your life. The impossibilities must become possible. Receive open doors, you will excel in all your endeavours. You will make it because God has connected you to those that will favour you.

Today has marked the beginning of your unending laughter.Praise God.


Prophet Ekong Ituen

Founder & Spiritual Leader




I received an invitation to attend a programme that was organized by this Church (THE MYSTERY OF THE SAND) by my brother who is a member of this Church. Initially, I didn’t want to come because of my experience with other churches I visited but my brother encourage me to come and that I should come with the sand from the family house, brothers and sisters I arrived and attended the programme. When the man of God (the prophet) mounted the pulpit, he instructed us to lift up the sand and he made declarations that every household enemy, demonic attack spiritual manipulation over the people of God be broken in the name of Jesus Christ, immediately there was a serious movement from my womb to the abdomen part of my body, before I knew what happened my menstrual period that ceased for 2yrs and 4 months started rushing, to my astonishment, from that time I have been having monthly period accordingly. I am really glad to be associated with CDM, Glory and honour be unto God, praise God.

Sis. Cicilia Ekpeyong


Children of God praise the Lord, I am here to testify of what God has done for me. I was born into a family where nobody has ever bought a car, a friend told me of a programme tagged ‘’THE MYSTERY OF SAND LIBERATION SERVICE’’ that was held in this Church. I decided to travel home by myself to get the sand to avoid spiritual contamination. During the programme, the prophet of God mentioned my case in his prophetic declaration and I believed him. He said the principal actors of our problems will give up and that God has sent his Angels to put them to death. Children of God am glad to testify that one of them confessed and died in the evening of the last day of the programme and another died mysteriously after a week. Since then God has restored my finances people are calling me for contracts I have bought two cars already and I am doing those things I couldn’t do over the years. I really thank God for open doors. May his Name be praised forever.

Brother Etim Asuquo


I narrated my problem to a colleague of mine in the office and she directed me to her Church (CDM) to see the prophet. I came here one Wednesday, collected the counseling form and waited for my turn to see the man of God. He attended to me and revealed events about myself and my family, he even mentioned the name of the person that was responsible for my problems. I started my prayer project (Deliverance). It was during this time that (the mystery of sand programme) was announce, which I quickly contacted my brother in the village to send it to me, I participated fully in the programme and prayed with the sand as instructed. To my surprise, two days after the programme, the person’s name that was mentioned by the prophet during counseling as being responsible for my predicament died, it was then I totally believed he was the one who stood on my way. Brothers and sisters am delighted to testify that the ‘’impossible has become possible’’. I am now married after many years of disappointment and frustration. Glory be to God.

Sister Anthonia Okoracha


Brethren praise the lord, my name is Brother Chidiebere Uzor, I live in Ketu, I am glad to be here to testify of God’s deliverance upon my life and my family. I attended a programme that was organized by this church tagged “Achan must die/”The Mystery of the living Stone Service” by a sister who happened to be a member of this church, I believe some of you must have known me because during that very programme the man of God, Prophet Ekong Ituen brought me out as was inspired by the Holy Spirit and told me so many things and the name of the person that was behind my problems. I didn’t doubt him at all because it was a known fact that my uncle was a notorious wizard. My parents died untimely, I graduated 17 years ago without gainful employment. The prophet prayed for me and assured me that he that was responsible for my problems will die after the programme, He t old me to have faith and believe in God.
Brethren I am very delighted to tell you that, three weeks after the programme, my uncle whose name was revealed by the prophet confessed and died after a brief illness.
I am now totally free, I have a good job and am doing those things I couldn’t do for years. Praise God.



And Joshua said to Achan, why hast thou troubled us? The lord shall trouble thee this day. And all Israel stoned him with stones and burned them with fire, after they had stoned them with stones. Joshua 7:25.

In the year that King UZZIAH died I saw also the Lord sitting upon the throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple. ISAIAH 6:1.But when Herod was dead, behold, an Angel of the lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt, saying, Arise and take the young child and his mother, and go to the land of Israel: for they are dead which sought the young child’s life…..MATTHEW 2:19=21.

Friends, can you see the paradox in the scriptures above? This is a clear indication that behind every problem there is an enemy, and until something supernatural happens, a man may continue in perpetual pains and tears.

It is not just enough to say, God let my enemies live and see what I will be in future because the bible says that,”A wicked has no peace in his heart” But it is instructive to know that the worst enemy in the life of a man is the enemy within, and until he is exposed, disgraced and put to death, you may find it difficult to win any battle that comes your way. The Israelites suffered many defeats and deaths because of Achan, until he was exposed and put to death that was when they became victorious in every battle that came their ways. A week ago, God spoke to me and I heard him saying! Son, arise and gather my people for a solemn assembly of LIBERATION for I will straight forth my hands against everything representing Achan in their lives and also gave me the mandate to declare that every Achan of yours that is responsible for your tears shall suffer devastation before your presence.

You can’t afford to miss it because we are going on a spiritual wild demonstration against the powers that be and held you captive, we are going to show the devil and all his cohorts that a new government is in place.

Power must change hands, it is time to take the battle to Achan’s door step, it is time for dangerous prayers, ACHAN MUST DIE. You have suffered for too long, but God is about to bring a new translation into your life. Stop crying and let’s move into action, because the enemies don’t submit through the greatness of tears, nor the greatness of religion, theology and doctrine but through the greatness of his power and mystery. It is time for you to enjoy victory!

You must be a part of it

You are welcome!

God bless you



                          water and salt 620

I attended the 2010 edition of salt & water programme that was organized in this church. After the commissioning of the water, I gave a portion of the water to my sister who complained bitterly that she was constantly pressed by a wizard every night. On that faithful night, she sprinkled the water in her apartment and was surprised the next morning to see an old man who lives in the neighborhood standing half naked with the doors locked. The sister screamed and demanded to know how he got into her apartment, but the wizard claimed he never knew that the house was that of the sister in question. He pleaded with the sister not to be disgraced, but the sister who could not withstand the ugly situation alerted the neighbours, and he was eventually disgraced. From that day till now the man is nowhere to be found, this marked the end of her problems. Brethren, Honestly there is power in salt and water solutions.
Sis. Glory E. Dominic.

I was once diagnosed as having fibroid by our family doctor after having incessant miscarriage. I refused to travel abroad for the fear of operation as was arranged by my husband. But while contemplating, a friend invited me to the “MYSTERY OF LIVING WATER SERVICE” held in this church. I attended the four days programme with my container of water, on the last day the man of God – THE PROPHET commissioned us to start using the water. I drank from the water when I got home and had my instant miracles when I passed out the fibroid. A week later, I went for a check up only to be informed by the doctor that the fibroids had disappeared. I am now pregnant and expecting my baby. To God be the glory.
Sis. Evelyn Igbinoba.

I received an invitation in a commercial bus to the “MYSTERY OF THE LIVING WATER SERVICE” that was organized by this church and after the consecration of the water, the man of God instructed us to make use of it as we like. On getting home, I sprinkled the water in my room, only to discover some dead rats on my floor the following morning. The next day the landlord became sick and confess that the rats were his agents and responsible for my missing money that I should forgive him and save his life. Before this time, I always accused my son of stealing the money. Thank God for the great revelation and victory. Glory be to his wonderful Name.
Bro. Bassey Effiong