Ephesians 4: 1-7.11-13
Matthew 9:9-13

The Gospel narrative today is the call of St Matthew to discipleship. Matthew who was a tax collector, a stable and comfortable job. Though a job that brought wealth
from the back door, a job that gave him a bad name in the society and a job that removed him from union with God. The society recognized tax collectors as sinners.
why? because they extort money from the people and never renders good account.
Matthew’s response to the call of Jesus is described as “and he rose and followed him.” A radical decision. It means Matthew understands his predicament, his
sinfulness and his being estranged from the life of grace. So there was no waisting of time. He even celebrated his conversion and used the opportunity to invite his
former comrades to the feast.
Jesus uses the occasion to declare his desires. He wishes all to be saved. He came to heal, restore back to God and recover all the lost. He is full of mercy and love.

In responding to God’s and maintain the life of grace as Matthew did, Paul writing to Ephesians gives us the ingredients to maintain union with God; walk humbly, live
in love and always be patient in all situations.

God our Father, you sent your Son Jesus Christ to seek and save us. As a master healer, you came to heal our earthly wounds and restore us to our Father. We thank
you. Help us to respond to your call like Matthew, abandoning our comfort zone, celebrating our call and living the life expected of us. Grant us the grace to proclaim
you to the world and gain the blessedness of our calling through Christ our Lord.